Troubleshooting Microsoft Outlook calendar syncing with Acuity Scheduling

If you're having trouble syncing a Microsoft Office calendar with Acuity, use this guide to troubleshoot common issues. Before going through the steps in this guide, follow the troubleshooting steps in Syncing appointments with third-party calendars.

Limitations of syncing with Outlook

If you're having trouble syncing appointments, it could be related to an unsupported Outlook configuration. The integration with Outlook doesn't support:

  • Syncing with Exchange public folders.
  • Hiding the titles of private Outlook events. Acuity doesn’t sync Outlook event descriptions, so private details in event descriptions won’t appear in Acuity.
  • Two-way syncs between Acuity and some specific configurations of Office 365 and Exchange.
  • Non-web-based versions of Outlook for Mac. Outlook for Mac can only sync if it’s connected to Office 365 or Exchange.
  • Two-way syncs between Acuity and Office 365 plans without an online calendar. Office 365 users without an online calendar can use a one-way subscription.

Step 1 - Check your Outlook version

Check which version of Outlook you’re using and confirm you’re using the corresponding option in Acuity:

  • If you can log in at this link, you're using
  • If you can log in at this link, you're using Office 365.
  • If you log into your email through a browser, but can’t log in at either of those links, ask your email provider or IT department if you’re using Microsoft Exchange. If they confirm you are, confirm you’re using the Acuity syncing option for Exchange.
  • If none of those apply, you likely aren't using web-based Outlook and can only set up a one-way subscription.

Step 2 - Confirm your Outlook email address and password

If you’ve identified your version of Outlook, but your sync still isn’t working, verify the Outlook email address and password you’re trying to use.

If you can’t log in, contact Microsoft support for help recovering your email address or resetting your password.

Step 3 - Further support

If you can log in, but the sync still isn’t working, contact us with the following information in your message:

  • A screenshot of the event that isn’t syncing, including any visible calendar settings
  • The date and time of the event that isn't syncing, if it's not visible in the screenshot
  • The names of all calendars involved
  • If it's a third-party calendar event not appearing in Acuity, or an Acuity appointment not appearing on a third-party calendar
  • Whether you're viewing your calendar through a mobile app, a computer application (like Calendar on a Mac), or a browser
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