Track where clients are scheduling appointments

*Warning, this is for Acuity experts only*

If you have your Acuity scheduler embedded on multiple webpages or accessible from different sources, and you want to be able to track how many people booked from which source, here's how.

This can be done in Acuity using a combination of internal intake forms in Acuity and dynamic scheduling page links. This will allow you to pull reports in Acuity showing you where your clients booked their appointment from.

  • For example, if they booked from your Facebook page or from a link you sent them in an email.

Create the Intake Form

1. First, you'll need to create an internal intake form in Acuity and call it "Referral Source". Add a single line of text question to this intake form and call it Source.


2. Mark the form for internal use only!

Because the Referral Source form is marked as "internal", your clients will not see this question on your scheduling page at all. It is only viewable by you on the admin side of Acuity in the client's particular appointment details and in their client record in your Client List.

3. Next, find the source field ID, aka the tag from that internal intake form you have just created.

  • This ID can be found in your E-mail Settings template editor toolbar.
  • Click on the Insert Field button at the top right of the editor and scroll down to the Referral Source question to grab that ID. (You can also use your browser's inspector tool to find the ID in the intake form editor.)
  • Screen_Shot_2017-04-19_at_6.00.51_PM.png


Create Customized Scheduling Page Links

Next, you will want to create dynamic scheduling page links that are filled in specifically with the website source.

  • You will have different URLs to send clients or place on different websites so that you have a unique URL depending on what website your scheduler is on.

Take your general scheduling page link and add the source field id from the intake form to the end of the url.

  • For example:

Notice the Website A, Website B, and Website C parameters at the end of the url. That is what you'll want to replace with the actual name of the website or source name.

This will pre-fill the Source question from the intake form. When a client schedules an appointment from one of those URL's you will be able to view their appointment details on your appointment calendar and see the "Source" question filled in with Website A, Website B, or Website C.  


You can pull the Intake Form report from your Reports section and choose the "Source" question from the Form Question dropdown. This report will give you the number of people who booked an appointment from each of your websites. Whether it was your Facebook page, or your own Website or an Email.

You can also do an appointment export in your Import/Export section. Make sure to check the box next to the Referral Source form to pull the appointment data and see the source for each appointment in an exported Excel spreadsheet. 

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