How to Accept Payments in Person: Cash, Check & Credit Card Payments From Clients

If you'd like to accept an in-person payment in Acuity, including cash or check payment, for appointments in Acuity, you can!

  • To do this, have prices set for your appointments.
  • Next, when the client wants to pay you in person, go to your main calendar view and click on the client's appointment, or find their appointment in the Client List file view. 
  • Then you'll want to click Make a Payment on the client's appointment details.
  • Choose the method of payment you want to process from the payment choices list,
    • Cash for either cash or check payment. You can add notes there about the check payment, including check number and amount. There's also a field in the Cash payment option to add the amount of the cash or check payment so that it will be recorded in your Reports in Acuity.
    • Credit Card - If the client already has a card on file (available with Stripe or Square), you can choose that card to process the payment. You can also choose to add a New Credit Card if you're using Stripe or Square. If you're using PayPal, there is no way to accept credit card payments in Acuity after the appointment has been scheduled.


Here's how your Cash/Check notes will look on the client's appointment details:


Note: This method for accepting Cash/Check payments only works for individual appointments. If you offer packages and a client wants to pay for a package with a cash or check, you wouldn't be able to record that transaction in Acuity, but you can generate a package code for the client that they can use to schedule appointments!




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