How to Accept Cash or Check Payments From Clients

If you'd like to accept an in person cash or check payment on your Acuity account, you can!

  • To do this, have prices set for your appointments.
  • Next, when the client wants to pay you in person, go to your main calendar view and click on the client's appointment, or find their appointment in the Client List file view. 
  • Then you'll want to click Make a Payment on the client's appointment details.
  • Choose Cash from the payment choices list, even if it's a check payment. You can add notes there about the check payment, including check number and amount. There's also a field in the Cash payment option to add the amount of the cash or check payment so that it will be recorded in your Reports in Acuity.


Here's how your Cash/Check notes will look on the client's appointment details:





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