Intake Forms - How To Make a Dropdown or Checkbox List of Street Addresses

Say you have a list of locations in standard street address form you want to to turn into a list that your clients choose from. 

To do this, you'll need to use the forward slash and comma ( \, ) within each address, with a regular old comma separating each separate address. 

Here's a hypothetical list of addresses and how the format would look when you enter it into the Choices box for the Drop Down List:

123 West Street\, Austin\, TX 78754, 90 E Stone Boulevard\, Suite 100\, Oak Park\, TX 78613, 345 Potato Freeway\, Suite 101\, San Antonio\, TX 78211, 9502 Hornbuckle Road\, Suite 102\, San Antonio\, TX 78240, 123 W Snack Ave\, Suite 3\, College Station\, TX 78254

  • The red forward slash comma ( \, ) is used inside of each address, while the regular commas, in green, are used between each address. 

Here's where you'd enter your list in the Intake Form you're working on. Click Save and choose the appointments this form is applicable to: 


And here's the glorious result on your Client's Scheduling Page:



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