What are your plan types and features? 

We offer three paid plans at Acuity: Emerging Entrepreneur, Growing Business, and Powerhouse Player. Our Powerhouse Player and Growing Business plans will include all of the same features as the Emerging Entrepreneur plan, but will also include the ability to have multiple calendars and text message notifications! 

Some additional features of our paid plans include: 

  • 2-way syncing with Google, iCloud, and Outlook
  • Recurring appointments 
  • Securely accepting credit card payments 
  • Automatic reminder emails sent a day prior to the appointment 
  • Booking multiple appointments at one time 
  • Advanced schedule availability
  • Scheduling page customization 
  • Customized emails sent to clients 
  • Time zone support
  • An online store to sell appointment packages 
  • Coupons for appointment discounts
  • Group/class appointment booking 
  • The ability to directly embed the schedule on your website 


Can I import my Client List from FullSlate?

You'll be able to import up to 5,000 clients per .csv file. 

Click here for more information on importing your Client List.

 What about my appointments?

Of course! Once you've exported your appointments from FullSlate into a .csv file, send an email to support@acuityscheduling.com, and one of our happiness specialists will take care of that for you, so you can focus on setting up your account! We'll be able to import up to 500 appointments per .csv file which can include: 

  • The Clients name 
  • Date/time of appointment 
  • Type of appointment (service)
  • Calendar 
  • Phone number 
  • Email address 
  • Notes about the appointment

This is an example of how that file will be formatted: 


Check out our guide on importing appointments for more information

What about gift certificates? 

Here's what you can do: create a private appointment package that's valid for the amount of appointments clients purchased in the past, then generate a code for each client. Then they'll use that booking code to schedule appointments so they won't need to pay!

Can I send a mass email to my clients? 

While you'll be able to send initial confirmation and appointment reminder emails, you won't be able to send a mass email to your clients. Acuity kicks butt at scheduling and we easily integrate with Mailchimp who kicks butt with bulk emailing your clients/subscribers! 

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