Debugging iCloud Calendar Sync

If you're having trouble getting your iCloud sync set up or aren't seeing events and appointments syncing, here are some common issues:

App-Specific Passwords

Beginning June 15th 2017, Apple will begin requiring App-Specific Passwords for connecting calendar syncing.  If you're having some trouble connecting your iCloud calendar to Acuity, be sure you're using your iCloud user name and an App-Specific Password when connecting.  Give the below steps a shot -- a lot of times, this will solve any connection issues!

Create an App-Specific Password for Acuity:

  1. Pull up your Apple ID account page
  2. Under the Security section, if you see App-Specific Passwords, click "Generate Password" and follow the steps. Otherwise under Two-Factor Authentication, click "Get Started..." and follow the steps, then come back and follow the steps for creating an App-Specific Password.
  3. Use the new App-Specific Password you generated in the previous step when connecting Acuity and iCloud.

You can read more on that in Apple's help article Using App-specific Passwords.

Also, keep in mind that iCloud events 200 days into the future will sync once this is set up. 

Free vs. Busy

When blocking off events from iCloud is enabled, only events marked as "Busy" will block time in Acuity. By default, most iCloud calendars set all-day and multi-day events to "Free" so if your event is not blocking off time in Acuity be sure to check that!

If you don't see a Free/Busy status for an event on your Mac, check the event on your iPhone by selecting the event, then tapping Show As:

Image titleImage title


Sync Speed

Changes in Acuity sync to iCloud almost immediately and vice versa. Blocking off time in Acuity takes up to 6 or 7 minutes, while Acuity waits for iCloud to let us know an event has been created or changed. Sometimes the sync can take a bit longer depending on if there are internet connectivity or intermittent iCloud server issues.

Why don't my subscribed calendars in iCal block off time in Acuity?

Subscribed calendars in iCal, such as a webcal feed or ICS subscription, do not show events in Acuity.  iCloud does not keep a copy of a subscribed calendar's events, so unfortunately Acuity cannot block off from subscribed calendars in iCal.

Why do I see double appointments in iCal?

If you were using our 1-way Subscription before connecting the 2-way iCloud sync, you will continue to see appointments from the 1-way Subscription until you remove it.

In the Calendar app on your Mac, you can right click (or command click) on the subscription in your list of calendars.  Then, simply choose delete and you'll be all set!

To remove the calendar subscription from your devices, head to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and select the account for the 1-way Acuity subscription.  Then scroll down and tap Delete Account to remove the subscription.

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