Debugging iCloud Calendar Sync

If you're having some trouble connecting your iCloud calendar to Acuity, be sure you're using your iCloud user name and password when connecting.  You can double check your login information at  If you've enabled two-factor authentication in iCloud, you'll need to create an app-specific password just for Acuity. If you aren't sure if you've enabled two-factor authentication, give the below steps a shot -- a lot of times, this will solve any connection issues!

Create an App-Specific Password for Acuity:

  1. Pull up your Apple ID account page
  2. Under Security > App-Specific Passwords, click "Generate Password" and follow the steps
  3. Use the password when connecting Acuity and iCloud. 

You can read more on that in Apple's help article Using App-specific Passwords.

Also, keep in mind that iCloud events 200 days into the future will sync once this is set up. 

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