Sound the horns, Acuity Scheduling is turning 10!

Happy-Birthday-Cat-3.jpgHappy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday toooo youuuu,
Happy Birthday, dear Acuity, 
Let's get a tattoo! 

We made it through our terrible 2's, coasted through our awkward phase, and now we're finally hittin' our double digits. Yup, that's right -- Acuity is turning 10!
Traditionally, a 10th anniversary is celebrated with gifts of tin or aluminum, but, we aren't exactly traditional here in Acuityland (shocking, right?!), so we're celebrating with something a little more... permanent
We're still a bit too young to get inked, but fortunately, our dad Gavin isn't! So, to commemorate this glorious milestone, he'll be getting his very first tattoo
The best part?
We want you to decide what will permanently live upon Gavin's skin! (We couldn't have made it this far without you, after all!)
Send us your design idea, and if it's chosen, you'll get a year of Acuity on the house and earn the official title of Acuity Tattoo Specialist.
Need a little inspiration? Here's a few things Gavin likes:
Brie (his cat and the cheese)
The Acuity logo
What are you waiting for, Acuity fam? Pull out your crayons and channel your inner Bob Ross and let's get Gavin inked up!
Send your design ideas to and we'll announce the winner on April 15.
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