Edit the Email Template Buttons

You can edit the buttons in your Email Notifications that link your clients to Change/Cancel Appointment, Add to iCal/Outlook Calendar, or Add to Google Calendar.


Most commonly, folks want to edit the Change/Cancel Appointment button text, since this is where clients will need to click to access their intake forms

To edit, click on the text in the button to open the link editor. It'll look like this:


Make your changes, and be sure to click Save Template.

You may want to edit this one both your Initial Confirmation Email, as well as your Reminder Emails

Delete Template Buttons 

You can remove the template buttons by selecting the text and then clicking the backspace or delete button on your keyboard. Go to Business Settings > Email Settings to do this!


If you decide that you want the buttons back, you can do so by clicking the HTML button in the template editor toolbar at the top of the template:


Select all (ctrl+A) in the screen that pops up > delete it* > and save . This will reset your template back to the default template with all the original buttons.



*Note: Resetting the template to the default template cannot be undone. If you have custom text in the template, you may want to copy and paste the text you have in your template into a document outside of Acuity if you want to add any custom text back to the default template. 


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