How to Prioritize Calendars when "Prioritize Calendars with "Any Available" Instead of Random" is Selected

The description of "Prioritize Calendars with "Any Available" Instead of Random" from Customize Appearance reads:

  • Instead of picking a random calendar that's available, prioritize calendars alphabetically so the first one will get all appointments and only when it is full will the next calendar get appointments. You can also use spaces to set your preferred priority.

If you don't want to number or letter a list of your staff calendars, you can use the magic of the space bar to prioritize your calendars. 

To do this, you'll add spaces in front of calendar names to put them at the top of the list. In this case, here's how it'll look:

_ _ Staff Member 1 
_ Staff Member 2
Staff Member 3

* (each _ is one space -- so you'll replace each _ with a space)

This way, Staff Member 1 will be prioritized first, then 2, then 3.

You can edit your Calendar Names by going to Business Settings > Availability & Calendars and selecting Settings for the Calendar Name you'd like to edit. 

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