Overnight and multi-day appointments and rentals

In Acuity, you won't be able to create appointments that cross midnight. We do have some workarounds that may help you out! Check them out below!

Workaround 1


  1. Set the duration of the appointment to a shorter duration, like an hour
  2. Check the box next to Hide Duration in the Scheduling Page Options section, and save changes
  3. hide.png
  4. Now, include the actual duration and details within the appointment type description and confirmation e-mail

Workaround 2

Another option is to create a Multi-day class appointment type, where you require the client to sign up for all offerings of that class.


  1. To create a group event that lasts for several days, start by creating a new class under Appointment Types.
  2. Then, set the duration (how long the class lasts on a single day), and choose “Clients must sign up for all the times this is offered” to automatically sign up clients for all days the series takes place at.ser.png
  3. Once you've saved, you can choose which dates are offered by clicking "Offer Class".

When clients go to book the appointment from your scheduling page, they’ll instantly be signed up for every class within the series. Once the first class has taken place, clients will no longer be able to sign up for the class from your scheduling page (since they wouldn’t be able to attend all classes).

To book a client into a class that’s already begun, you can do so within the backend of the Acuity site.

Each date/time in the series will display as a list once it's selected by the client:


If you have physical items that you want to rent out (like hotel rooms, vehicles, equipment) for more than 24 hours, we will not be a great fit for your business.  Acuity is not able to track inventory, so we are not ideal for businesses where that is important.

Looking to set up a regular class or group event? Click here to check out our help article on how to set that up!


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