How to change your username

Admins and users

You can change which email address you use to log into Acuity as an administrator or user at any time. Here’s how:

  • Log in to the account with the username (email address) you want to change.
  • Go to the My Account page.
  • Type a new email address into the EMAIL/USERNAME field.
  • Click Save Changes.

Client accounts

If you're a client who schedules with businesses that use Acuity, you cannot change your existing username. Instead, you should create a new client account from the confirmation page the next time you book through Acuity.

Note: If you need to add additional users to your account, rather than changing your username, read this article.
If you need to hand your account over to someone else (such as if you’ve sold your business), you can do that by using the steps above change your username from your email address to theirs.

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