Change your Username & Login Email Address

Acuity Scheduling Customers: Owners of Accounts with Acuity

Say you're an Admin or Owner of an Acuity Scheduling account, and need to change admin ownership over to someone, or you want to change your login email on your account. No problem! 

Head to your My Account Page!

Here, you can change the following information on your account:

  • Business Name
  • Timezone
  • Email/Username
  • Notification Preferences for the account owner
  • Change your password
  • View Affiliate Program Information
  • View Billing Invoices 
  • Change your Plan 



Client Accounts

If you're a client who schedules with folks who use Acuity for their business, and not the owner on an Acuity Scheduling account, if you need to change your email on your Acuity client login, you'll have to create a brand new client account on the confirmation page the next time you book with your provider. We will not be able to edit your login email address for you!

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