Public & Private Appointment Types

In Acuity, you have the option to make your appointments and classes either Public or Private. You can find this toggle switch in every appointment type's settings.

  1. Click on the appointment type 
  2. Click to toggle between Private or Public
  3. Next, Save your settings by clicking Update Appointment Type:_5accc15566a3d095406c3d1499ec0602__Screen_Shot_2017-06-05_at_3.04.31_PM.png

Public appointment types are viewable for all to see and book freely from your Client's Scheduling Page link

Private appointment types can only be booked through the admin side by you or your staff or through a direct link that you'd need to share with your clients. Private appointment types will show when clients open direct links to the appointment type itself, or to any calendar or category that only contains private appointment types.

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