Let Users Sync With Multiple Calendar Accounts

There are several ways to connect multiple calendars to Acuity:

  • Some services can be connected to one another (such as syncing your iCloud and Google accounts), so you might only need one sync with Acuity.
  • An Acuity user can simultaneously sync to all of the calendar services we connect with, so one user can connect to calendars from multiple services.
  • Each Acuity user can set up their own syncs separately.

Sync to multiple calendar services

You can simultaneously connect to all of the services with which we offer syncing. However, you can only link to one account on each of the services. So you could sync your Acuity calendar with one Google account, one iCloud account, one Office 365 account, one Outlook.com account and one Exchange account.

Note: If your Acuity events are appearing twice on your synced calendars, check whether you've synced Acuity to two separate calendar services that you also have set to sync with one another.

Allow each Acuity user to set up their own syncs

Each user in Acuity Scheduling can connect their own Google, iCloud, Office 365, Outlook.com and Exchange accounts under Business Settings - Sync with Other Calendars.

To allow multiple people to connect their calendars, first they'll need a user account.  Head to Manage Users and create a new user for each person who would like to connect.  Be sure to give each new user access to the Acuity calendars they should be able to sync with:

Once the new user account has been created, they can log in to Acuity and connect their own calendar accounts and set up syncing under Business Settings - Sync with Other Calendars:

Sync with Calendars for Rooms

Acuity Scheduling can also sync with calendars for rooms.  Just like for team members, you can create a user for the room under Manage Users with access to the room's Acuity calendar.  Then you can log into the room's Acuity account, and connect to the room's calendar account under Sync with Other Calendars.

It's funny to create a user account for a room, but once calendar syncing is connected you can log back out and forget the whole thing ever happened!

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