Send Notifications for an Appointment to Multiple People

If you have an appointment coming up and want multiple people to receive notifications, you can add additional emails along with phone numbers to the appointment information! You'll want to make sure all entries are separated by a comma then, everyone who needs to be in the know, will be notified based on your Email Settings

Go to your calendar view and find the appointment that you'd like to add an attendee's email and/or phone number to. 

Click to Edit > type in additional email addresses with a comma separating each email address! > Save Changes > Decide if you want a confirmation to re-sent

If you're on our Growing or Powerhouse Plans, this is also how you can send text notifications to multiple clients for an appointment! You can add phone numbers the same way, separated by commas for each phone number. 

Check out this video for a visual of this process below: 


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