Where Do Canceled Appointments Go?

When an appointment is canceled it will be removed from your Appointment Calendar. Canceling an appointment is permanent and cannot be reversed, but no worries the appointment was not deleted - you can still access the details and information for a canceled appointment! Because you cannot remove the cancelled tag from an appointment, if you want to bring the appointment back, you'll need to create a new appointment and enter the same details.

If you can recall the client's name, you can search for them in your Client List and see their appointment history. There you'll find the canceled appointment with a red "Canceled" icon to the right. You can click on that appointment to view the details.

If you don't recall the client's name, head on over to Reports and select the month the appointment occurred and from the "Show" drop-down you'll select "All canceled appointments". Then click Show and then View Appointments. This will give you a list of all of the appointments that were canceled in the month. You can locate the appointment there and click on it to view all of the details.

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