Acuity for Coaches

Whether you are a life coach, empowerment guru, transformational mentor, or success strategist Acuity can be a great fit for you and your business! Let’s explore some common features that you may want to use so that you can start helping your clients to maximize their potential and find clarity in their lives.

Just a heads up - you don't have to have everything set up to start letting clients book - focus on getting your Availability and Appointment Types set up and go from there!

In this guide:

Appointment Types 

What type of appointments do you offer your clients? 

In Acuity, you will want to create an Appointment Type for each type of session or offering you have.  For example, if you offer a Discovery Session - that would be one appointment type.

If you want to offer programs or packages (which we'll cover later) think about the individual meeting that you'll have with a client - maybe that's a Breakthrough Session, for example - and add that as an appointment type as well.

Appointment Types are going to be what the client is scheduling with you for a specific date and time.

And, just a heads up, if you offer certain appointment types only to clients on specific programs/packages, be sure to set those to Private.

One last tidbit that might be useful - if you don't want clients to book appointments back-to-back, we all need a break right? Or, maybe you just want to have some time to prepare for your next appointment. Whatever the reason, you can add padding to your Appointment Types to ensure you aren't burning yourself out with non-stop appointments.


Read more about setting up your Appointment Types here!


Availability & Calendars 

If you are a soloprenuer, chances are you're only going to need one calendar in Acuity. You'll offer all of your appointment types on that one calendar to ensure you're not overbooked. This way only one appointment can be booked at a time.

Be sure to set your availability so that clients can begin to book appointments with you.

Need to set different availability for certain types of appointments? No problem! Learn more about setting up your Availability by Appointment Type.


Do you offer clients programs that include weekly sessions or a specific number of different types of appointments for a committed period of time like 2 months, 6 months, or a year?

  • If clients need to pay upfront - set those programs up as Packages
  • If you want clients to pay over time - create Subscriptions

These Packages and Subscriptions will allow clients to pay an upfront cost and in exchange they'll receive a code that will let them book each one of the sessions included in what they've purchased.

Here's an example, this package would give the client credit to book 8 separate Breakthrough sessions after purchasing.


*Note: Packages and Subscriptions are only available on the Growing and Powerhouse plans created on or after October 16, 2017.

Intake Forms

If you need to collect additional information from your clients when they schedule their appointments/sessions, you can create Intake Forms and link them to your Appointment Types as needed.

This Intake Form will show on your Client's Scheduling Page after your client is asked to enter their Name, Phone Number, and E-mail Address. You can choose to make the Intake Form required - this will require clients to fill it out before being able to schedule. Clients can also access their forms after an appointment has been scheduled by clicking on the Change/Cancel Appointment button in their appointment notifications.

Want to share a link for clients to only book a specific type of appointment?

Or, maybe the direct links to specific packages or subscriptions that you want clients to sign up for?

No problem! Check out this support doc on Direct Scheduling Links.


Want to collect money through Acuity for appointments and programs/packages? Learn more about the collecting payment through Acuity here.

Acuity integrates with Stripe, Square or PayPal.

Customizing E-mail Notifications

You've built a great brand and you want to customize your appointment notifications to include that branding, right?  No problem - you can customize your e-mail notifications! Feel free to add in your logo and colors, include any additional information a client should know. Make these notifications your own!

If you need to customize your notifications by Appointment Type - that's totally do-able.  Here's some more detail on how you can do just that!

Video Conferencing Integrations

Great new! If your sessions take place over video, we integrate with the following platforms:

Our integration will automatically create meeting links when appointments are scheduled and include this information in your e-mail notifications so clients know how to reach you during their appointment.

Analytics & Conversion Tracking

Interested in tracking analytics and conversions for appointments that are booked?

Consider adding the Google Analytics integration and/or Facebook Pixel Conversion tracking options.

More Complex Setups

If you have a more complicated setup, Acuity can likely still meet your needs, but we'll need a bit more information from you in order to come up with the best solution. 

The more details we have about your needs, the easier it will be for us to come up with a customized solution for you!

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