What Happens if My Monthly Subscription Charge Fails

If you've signed up for a monthly subscription of any of our paid plans, Acuity will automatically charge your credit card each month until you cancel your subscription.

If we aren't able to take successful payment from your credit card on the date your payment is due, you will receive an email that your Acuity monthly subscription payment failed.

Don't worry! We give you an automatic two week grace period before your account is downgraded to the free plan if there isn't any successful payment.

Over that two week period Acuity will automatically try charging the credit card on file up to three more times.

Click below to see some common issues and solutions: 

My credit card on file is no longer valid or has changed

Update the credit card on file by clicking "Update Credit Card" in your My Account settings

My credit card on file is valid, but payment is still getting declined

Even if your credit card is in good standing, there could be many reasons why your credit card company would decline the Acuity charge. The best thing to do is to get in contact with your credit card company to inquire as to why they declined the Acuity charge

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