Differences between our mobile optimised web app and our mobile app

Hey there,

the ones that have been with Acuity for quite a while, know that before we published our iOS app on the App Store, we advised our users to use our web app on their mobile devices.

Some of you even created home screen shortcuts of Acuity.

It used to look like this:


  • Mobile Optimised Web App



And it is basically a version of our website, optimised to work on mobile devices.



Then came the mobile app for iOS.

We wanted to bring the mobile app out as a way for admins to overview and manage their Acuity appointments while on the go, and we really wanted that native feeling that only a real mobile app can give.

This is how the mobile app looks like at the moment:

  • Mobile App






Even though the mobile app is the cool new kid on the block, it still lacks features that the web app offers.

For those features we truly suggest using the web app. Of course if you need any features implemented in the mobile app, feel free to send us your feedback, so that our developers know what to work on next.

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