Promoting your business

Acuity is a great way for your clients to book online. And the more clients go to your scheduling page, the more Acuity will help you. Here are some tips on how to help them get there:

Make sure people are able to find you (and book) online

Here's what a well-put-together online presence can look like:



Get your scheduling link to your customers

  • Send your mailing list a link to your scheduling page. Acuity offers integrations with several marketing e-mail apps as well.
  • Use your business cards to get people booking online by including the address of your scheduling page.
  • Record a voicemail greeting that tells people you have online booking available. 
  • Post a sign in your office to inform clients that they can conveniently schedule appointments online.

Get your customers in the habit of scheduling online

  • Offer a small discount for people who pay online in advance. You can even use coupon codes with Acuity.
  • Text clients a link to your scheduling page when they text you asking for an appointment.
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