How to Test Scheduling Appointments

Once you have completed your account set up you can test booking an appointment from your scheduling page in order to make sure everything is functioning as you'd expect! You will have to schedule the appointment as if you are the client from your client facing scheduling page.

Find your scheduling page link in the Client Scheduler settings. Then go through scheduling as a "fake" client.


There are a few ways to go about testing without having to enter in credit card information for the test appointment:

  1. Temporarily make the appointment type price free
    • This will allow you to schedule the appointment and you will not be prompted to enter in a credit card to pay.
  2. Create a free coupon code for the appointment type

If you are looking to test entering your credit card information to schedule and pay for an appointment, these are your options:

  1. Pay and then process your own Refund
  2. Temporarily make the appointment price a very low number
    • For example, make the appointment $2 to test out making a payment with a credit card. NOTE: Stripe will not process charges of $1 or less. 

Once you are completed scheduling as a test, you can cancel the appointment and even delete the fake test client from your client list.

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