Additional user's Guide to Acuity

As a user on the account, you have limited access to your main owner/admin's Acuity account. Here are some steps to get you acquainted with Acuity:

  • Depending on the calendar access your admin has set for you, you'll have access to your own calendar, and/or other staff calendars in the Main Appointment View

Navigating Acuity Scheduling

On the left of your screen, you'll see all your navigation options: 

  • Screen_Shot_2017-09-28_at_11.27.26_AM.png
  • Under Appointments view:
  • Under Client's Scheduling Page view:
  • Under Business Settings view:
  • Click My Account to view:
    • Change your sidebar color scheme
    • Change your username and password
    • Your appointments email agenda settings

Access all our Help Guides here, and keep in mind that as a user, you will have limited access to settings on the account you're a member of. Contact your main account owner if you need to make changes to your appointment types and anything else!


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