Plans & Pricing Change on October 16th

Does this affect me?

If you have an account right now then everything (both features and pricing) stays exactly how it is, nothing will change for your account. Later if you decide to upgrade or downgrade you'll still be locked in to the same plans & pricing as now.

Anyone who signs up for an account before October 16th, even if you’re on a trial, won’t be affected by any of these changes and will stay locked in to the current plans and pricing, even if you later choose to switch plans.


Why the change?

Over the past 3 years we’ve released hundreds of new updates and features. Throughout that time scheduling appointments has become incrementally much easier and way more powerful, all while maintaining the same affordable price. Our support team is growing too, with the additional breadth and depth of features we’ve grown our team to deliver an increasingly better support experience.

We want to keep improving, getting simpler, and saving you more time every day. To continue to offer new features, and increase the quality of our support, we need to adjust our plans and pricing slightly and better reflect the value we deliver our customers.

Certain features which require more of our resources to support are being shifted to different plans, and all plan pricing is being adjusted to ensure that we can continue to help everyone spend less effort and time on all the logistics around appointments.


So, what’s changing?

This table highlights what is changing in the plans. All other features which aren't shown below stay exactly the same, and the Freebie plan won't be receiving any changes.

For selling subscriptions, the extra 2% fee that currently exists will be eliminated, so subscriptions are included in Growing Business and Powerhouse plans at no additional cost.


  Emerging Entrepreneur Growing Business Powerhouse Player
Price ($/month) $15/month $25/month $50/month
Packages, Gift Certificates, and Subscriptions No Yes


Custom API & CSS No No  Yes

Compare this to the current plans & pricing. The free plan and all other features stay exactly the same.


The new pricing page will look like:

Screen_Shot_2017-09-21_at_1.54.07_PM.pngCompare this to the current plans & pricing


Who is affected by this change?
Only new signups on or after October 16th will have this new pricing. Anyone who has an account that was created before October 16th won’t see any changes.

If you have an account now you’ll continue to stay with the same plan features and pricing. Even if you later downgrade and want to upgrade again, or switch between plans, everything will stay the same as it is now for you.

Our goal is to continue supporting a powerful product, and constantly improve it and the support that backs it. These changes will help us do that, without changing anything for those who have been loyal throughout the years.

Have any questions about this, or anything else? Contact us, we’re here to help!








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