Acupuncture Set Up

Acuity can be a great fit for acupuncture practices! Let’s explore our acupuncture-friendly features so that you can help get that qi flowing (because we don’t need more Liver Qi Stagnation, right?)!

In this guide:

Return Patients and New Patients

Most acupuncture set ups require a means to differentiate between new patient visits and return patient visits.

In Acuity, you will want to create an appointment type for each type of visit.

Read more about setting up your appointment types here!

Overlapping Appointments

If you run multiple rooms, you’ll likely need to be able to overlap appointments. If you have a setup where all of your Appointment Types can overlap, then you can use negative padding to allow for that overlap. Negative padding allows you to have one patient on the table with needles in, and another patient who you're interviewing and getting ready for their treatment all at the same time. 

You can add negative padding when editing an Appointment Type. Select Block off extra time before or after..., then enter a negative value for blocking time after an appointment. 



So, for example, if you have 2 rooms, your sessions last 60 minutes, and you can see patients every 30 minutes, you'd enter -30 to allow a second appointment to be scheduled 30 minutes into the first appointment. 


Multiple Practitioners/Users

If you have multiple practitioners working in the practice, you can create a calendar for each practitioner and also add them as users. You can also add front desk staff as users so that they can help manage your schedule and appointments!

Intake Forms

New Patient Health History 

If you have New Patient paperwork that you want clients to fill out, you can create an Appointment Type specifically for New patients, then set up an Intake Form and link it to your New Patient Appointment Type.

This Intake Form will show on your Client's Scheduling Page after your patient is asked to enter their Name, Phone Number, and E-mail Address. You can choose to make the Intake Form required - this will require clients to fill it out before being able to schedule. Clients can also access their forms after an appointment has been scheduled by clicking on the Change/Cancel Appointment button in their appointment notifications.

Patient Notes

If you'd like to keep track of your patient's progress, you can either use the appointment-specific Notes field or, if there are certain things you want to track each time a patient sees you, you can create an internal Intake Form. Internal Intake Forms are only visible on the admin side of Acuity and won't show to clients at all.

To create an internal Intake Form, check the box next to This form is for internal use only, don't show it to clients when editing an Intake Form.


HIPAA Compliance

We offer HIPAA compliance as an optional part of our Powerhouse plan. Acuity is happy to be able to be a part of a HIPAA-compliant solution for acupuncturists and other healthcare practitioners, but there are a few things you need to do on your end to ensure compliance. Click here to read about them.

Appointment Packages & Gift Certificates

Want to sell a group of appointments to your clients? We've got you covered there! Check out this help article for the lowdown.


Acuity is not a great solution if you want to sell products like herbs or liniments, as we don't offer a way to track inventory.

Sliding Scale Practices

If your practice allows for payment of your services on a sliding scale, Acuity has a pay what you want option available (if your payment processor is Stripe or Square). 

Here's how to set this up!

Allocating Rooms & Other Resources

Many acupuncturists have set ups where they have 2 rooms going at once, or need to set up limitations on special equipment that is shared amongst a group practice. In Acuity, we have a handy feature that allows you to set up limits on these aspects of your clinic!

Check our our guide to Rooms & Resources here - if you have questions after reading, feel free to send us an e-mail. We're always happy to help. 

More Complex Setups

If you have a more complicated setup, Acuity can likely still meet your needs, but we'll need a bit more information from you in order to come up with the best solution. 

Here are some common questions that we've found will help us get started:

  • If your appointments can overlap, how much time can they overlap by?
  • Do you have some Appointment Types that can overlap (ie Follow-Up appointments) and some that can't (ie New Patient appointments)? Let us know specifically which Appointment Types can and can't overlap.
  • How many people work in your practice?
  • How many rooms do you use?
  • Do any of your Appointment Types require multiple rooms?
  • Can any of your Appointment Types only take place in certain rooms?

Don't feel like you have to answer all of them, only the ones related to your specific setup. And if there's anything we missed, let us know that as well! The more details we have about your needs, the easier it will be for us to come up with a customized solution for you!

Click here to send us your answers and any other helpful information.

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