Time Zones for Calendars

You can set a different time zone for each of your calendars in Acuity. This will only work if you are on the Powerhouse Plan. To upgrade your account and try out time zones for calendars, head over to My Account.


Once you are in the Calendar Settings, use the Time Zone dropdown menu to choose a different time zone.



Will my client's appointments change time when I add a new time zone to my calendar?

  • Changing time zones will keep all upcoming appointments/classes/blocks at the same time for your clients.

Will past appointments be updated to the new time zone? 

  • Past appointments/classes/blocks will not be adjusted (ex: a 5pm Pacific Time appointment in the past will be 5pm Eastern Time when the calendar is changed from Pacific to Eastern)

Will upcoming appointments change time? 

  • Upcoming appointments will change! For example, a 5PM Pacific Time event would change to 8 PM Eastern Time.

Do I need to change my availability times in my availability settings? 

  • Yes! Availability is not updated to new time zone and will need to be adjusted. Make your changes to Availability here by clicking Availability for each calendar!

How will I know the time zone on each of my calendars?

  • Labels will appear next to all times in admin with time zones!

How will my clients know my time zone? 

  • When you have calendars in different time zones, Acuity will automatically enable a feature that requires clients to choose a timezone on your Client's Scheduling Page. This feature can be disabled, but if it's disabled, clients will no longer see an "Any Available" option when scheduling through the Client's Scheduling Page.

    To disable that feature, go to Client's Scheduling Page > Customize Appearance and uncheck the box next to Require clients to choose their time zone when booking, then save your changes.

    If you choose to disable the time zone requirement for clients, you'll see a warning that looks like this:


Will resources and calendar sharing work with calendar timezones? 

  • No. Resources and calendar sharing do not work with calendar time zones - make sure both are disabled before changing.

Will my sync with calendars outside Acuity still work? 

  • Yes! Times will sync correctly with synced calendars! 

Can I set up locations for calendars? 


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