Using the In App Feedback tool while in the mobile app

For the ones using our mobile app, we offer an instant way to get in touch with us.


All you have to do to report anything to our team is:


  • Tap the screenshot combination while anywhere in the app

    • On iOS the screenshot combination is the power button and the home button.
      In case the screenshot combination doesn't make any sense to you, check this guide.

    • On Android the screenshot combination is the volume down button and the power button
      In case that doesn't make sense either, check this guide

  • A pop up dialog will show up asking you what you'd like to report:


  • If for example you want to report a bug, you can then annotate (draw) on the screenshot like this:


  • Finally all you have to do is type a couple of words, and send the feedback to us by tapping the send button on the top right of the screen.


  • That's it. We typically reply via email within hours.
    Try it and let us know if you like it.
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