How to Update the Mobile iOS App

To update the iOS mobile app to the latest version, you have 2 options. 

Option 1:

Force close the app

  • To force close an app in iOS, press the home button twice, and swipe up to close the app
  • Go ahead and re-start the Acuity app and it will run the newest version!

    The whole process should look like this:


Option 2: 

  • Starting from 1.9.14, tap on the menu icon in the upper right of your screen
  • Next, tap version label number in the side menu at the bottom, which will force the app to look for an update!

  • After you do that if there's an available update you should see a pop up dialog that looks like this:


    If you see nothing after tapping the label, don't worry, that means you're on the latest version, or the latest version is not yet published.

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