Locations by Calendar

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You can set up Locations per calendar under Business Settings > Availability & Calendars > Settings for each of your calendars (or, if you only have one calendar under the Settings tab). Click Add a new location... to add as many locations as needed. 


Note: While you can add several locations, only one location can be set per calendar.

What are locations?

Locations are categories for your calendars and can be used to organize multiple business locations and staff's calendars. There is a hierarchy in Acuity when it comes to locations and where they come from when it comes to how your clients will be notified of the appointment location.

Here's the order in which Acuity will pull location data from your set up:

  1. Virtual meetings: These come first. If you have GoToMeetings, Zoom, or other virtual meetings set up in Acuity, the %location% tag will show as the link to this meeting integration in e-mail notifications. 
  2. Intake form location: If you have an Address Field in your intake forms, Acuity will use those locations on the Client's Scheduling Page confirmation page and your e-mail notifications. 
  3. Calendar Locations: If neither of the above areas have a %location% tag, Acuity will apply the location from your calendar location categories. 

Where do clients see calendar location?

A few different places! 

1. Clients will see the calendar's assigned location on the confirmation page after booking:


2. The %location% tag you see in your e-mail notifications will show the calendar's location category you have set up:


Just a heads up -- if you’re using our default e-mail template, the Where field and %location% tag will be automatically added once you create calendar locations. If you’ve customized your notifications at all, you’ll need to add the %location% tag in manually: 


3. The location will also show up in all .ics attachments sent in appointment notification emails. 

How can my client choose a location?

If you want the client to pick the location before they choose their appointment type, you can use direct links on your website for each location. You can find the direct links to your calendar location categories in Availability & Calendar > Calendars tab:




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