How do I see a list of when my Clients last had an appointment?

You can export your client list by heading to the Appointments > Import/Export section of Acuity, and clicking on the button that says "Export Client List to Excel". You can limit the export to only recent clients by clicking the arrow button to see the following dropdown menu:


This is useful for businesses who have a short term client base and want to view/email only recent ones (like a school per semester)!

When you export your client list, the .csv file will show the number of days since the client's last appointment. The Days Since Last Appointment column will have a number in it if the client's last appointment was more than 24 hours ago and they don't have any upcoming appointments scheduled. Otherwise, it will be blank.

When you open the file that you've exported, you will see a column to the right showing the days since last appointment:


The client list export will show the following information:

  • Client name
  • Client email
  • Client phone number
  • Notes on the client file
  • Days since last appointment

Want to know more about exporting your client list? Head to this guide!

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