Scheduling Page Options

In Client's Scheduling Page > Customize Appearance > Scheduling Page Options, under the Scheduling Page Options tab, you will find options to enable or disable features on your Client's Scheduling Page:

  • Show "Schedule another Appointment" button Include a button on the Appointment Confirmation page to allow users to return to your site to schedule another appointment.
  • Disable Recurring Appointments Choose this if you do not want clients to pick more than one appointment at a time when booking. 
  • Require Phone Number Require that clients enter a phone number when scheduling.
  • Disable Client Registration After clients book their appointment, they can optionally register for an account to save their information for faster scheduling in the future and remember their history. Setting this will disable that by hiding the log in and register account buttons.
  • Hide Duration Hide the appointment duration from the client's scheduling page.
  • Hide Prices Hide all appointment prices on the client's scheduling page, but still require payments according to your payment settings if prices are set.
  • Services: Allow clients to book multiple spots Let clients choose the number of spots they'd like to book for services when scheduling on a calendar that allows more than one appointment at a time.
  • Appointment Type List: Collapse Categories This option is only available when all of your appointment types are assigned to a category. The client will be shown a list of categories. Clicking on one will reveal the appointment types within that category.
  • Classes: Allow clients to book multiple spots Let clients choose the number of spots they'd like to book for a class.
  • Classes: Hide Spots Remaining in a Class Clients will only see the times of available classes, they won't see the number of spots remaining
  • Calendars: Pool Availability and Automatically Pick an Available Calendar This will hide the calendar choice from clients and randomly assign an available calendar.
  • Calendars: Hide "any available" Option from Calendar List Opposite of showing combined availability, hide "any available" so clients must choose a specific calendar to book with.
  • Calendars: Prioritize Calendars with "Any Available" Instead of Random Instead of picking a random calendar that's available, prioritize calendars alphabetically so the first one will get all appointments and only when it is full will the next calendar get appointments. You can also use spaces to set your preferred priority. More on this here!

After choosing the options you'd like to see on your Client's Scheduling Page, click "Save Changes". A green box will appear at the top of the window saying "Successfully Saved Changes" then it will give the option to view your scheduling page. Do it! Check it out and see how the changes you've opted for are reflected on your Client's Scheduling Page.

Note: Not all of these features are available on all Acuity Plans.

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