Anatomy of the Client's Scheduling Page

Your Client's Scheduling Page is how clients schedule appointments with your business. Below are some common elements that you can customize:




Many of the options on your Client's Scheduling Page can be set under Customize Appearance:

  • Logo (1), Business Name (2)
  • Scheduling Instructions (3)
  • Colors (4)
  • Sunday/Monday (start of the week)
  • Time Format (24-hour or AM/PM)
  • Time Zone
  • Recurring Appointments (9) 

 Here are some additional settings found elsewhere:


Adding your Logo

This can be either a .jpeg, .gif or .png format, and the maximum image size for your business logo is 120px high and 600px wide. If you upload a logo larger than this, it will be automatically (and proportionally) resized to fit within those dimensions.


Customizing Colors and Fonts

You can adjust the colors that your scheduler will show in...make it yours! Same with fonts! Click Change Font to see a glorious selection of fonts .


Previewing your Client's Scheduling Page

You can preview what your clients will see at any time by going to your Client's Scheduling Page link found at Client's Scheduling Page > Scheduling Page Link or by clicking the preview buttons on the Customize Appearance Page.


Additional Client's Scheduling Page Options

Scheduling Page Options: Disable recurring appointments, hide duration and/or prices, require client phone numbers and more. Learn more >

Monthly or Daily Templates: Choose to display to your clients a monthly or daily/weekly view of available appointments. Learn more >

Direct Links to Calendars, Appointment Types, or Appointment Type Categories: Want to show a client only a specific appointment type or calendar? Learn more >

Customize your Client's Scheduling Page URL: You can customize your scheduling page link (url) so that it’s easier for everyone to remember, like "". Learn more >


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