Scheduling Page Templates

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Switch between the Monthly and Daily Template in Client's Scheduling Page > Customize Appearance.


Monthly Template

The Monthly Template is best for clients booking more than a week in advance. Here's how the Monthly view will look below. A full calendar view with bold dates indicates available times your clients can book.


Customize the look of the monthly view scheduling page in your Customize Appearance Settings:


  • Body Background The background color of your scheduler
  • Header Text Color Your Business/Calendar Name that shows at the top of your scheduler
  • Scheduler Background The color that your actual scheduler will be (the main background behind your appointment types)
  • Scheduler Text Color The wording that shows your appointment types and instructions to the clients.  You'll want to make sure this stands out against the color you chose for your Scheduler Background color so your clients can read it easily!
  • Button/Accent Color Add that pop of color to your buttons to make the next steps stand out!


Daily Template

The Daily Template is best for when clients want to find the earliest convenient time.

Here's what your clients will see in the Daily template view. Here, your clients will be shown your availability (maximum of 5 days at a time).


Customize the button/accent color of the Daily template scheduling page in your Customize Appearance Settings:


You will not be able to customize the background, text, or header colors. The Daily template only allows for changing the accent color theme of the page.


Class List Template

The Class List Template is only available if you offer group classes and events in Acuity.

If all your public appointment types under the Appointment Types settings are classes and you're using the Daily template, your general scheduling page link URL will automatically default to the Class List view.

If you do not want your general scheduling page to automatically show the Class List view, contact support.

You can find the scheduling page link for the class template by going to Client's Scheduling Page > Scheduling Page Link and selecting All Classes from the dropdown, as shown in the screenshot below.



Below is what your clients will see in the Class List template view. A list of available class times will appear in chronological order with the most upcoming dates first.




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