Squarespace Discount

Acuity Scheduling and Squarespace have partnered to offer members a free Emerging Entrepreneur Plan ($15/month value) forever! 

New to Acuity? 

If you don't have an Acuity Scheduling account yet you can sign up using the link from within Squarespace. To find this, within Squarespace add the Acuity Block then click the link to sign up for Acuity Scheduling to get your Emerging Entrepreneur account free.

Already have an Acuity account?

If you're an existing Acuity member and have the scheduler embedded into your Squarespace site you can still have your Emerging Entrepreneur plan waived. Go here and enter the full address to the page on your Squarespace site where Acuity Scheduling is embedded to waive your plan.

This is only applicable on monthly Emerging Entrepreneur Plans, and not available on annual plans. This offer cannot be retroactively applied.



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