How to Charge a Client

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Collecting money from the admin side

You can charge a client inside Acuity from the admin side either by entering the client's credit card number into the their payment area by clicking Make Payment, or if you have their credit card info saved to their client file, by clicking Make Payment and charging a card you have on file for them.

  • Click on the appointment that needs to be paid for from your Appointment Calendar or Client List
  • This will open the appointment details. Click Make Payment


  • You'll see stored credit cards here, as well as the option to manually input a new credit card:


  • You can also mark the appointment as paid in cash, or make a note in the cash option if you take a check as payment:


  • Choose the payment method, and input the amount owed, and click Pay to process the payment on your integrated payment processor.
  • You can charge the full amount owed, or partial amounts as fees for no-shows or cancellations.

How to Charge a Client that Cancels, or is a No-show

If you need to charge a client fees or total amount of the appointment they have cancelled or no-showed to, you can follow the steps above for how to collect payment from the admin side, by clicking into the appointment and then clicking Make Payment if you have a client's credit card on file.

You can charge the client if you have a payment processor* set up with one of these payment option settings chosen for the appointment type, which vaults the client's credit card number:


You can find cancelled appointments listed directly in the client's information.

  1. Head to Appointments > Client List
  2. Go to the client info
  3. Click into the cancelled appointment
  4. You'll see a Make a payment link - click that and you'll be able to charge the card on file*


  • These options are only available if your payment processor is Stripe or Square.
  • If you choose Payment is optional, Stripe will still vault the card if the client pays in full, allowing you to later charge them.
  • If a client pays in full, Square will not vault the client's credit card.
  • You can manually input credit card information on the admin side if the payment has not been collected from the Client's Scheduling Page.
  • PayPal does not allow vaulting of credit cards, and will not allow you to manually collect payment on the admin side — the client must input PayPal payments from your Client's Scheduling Page. 
  • If you use Square as your payment processor, the client will receive a follow-up email from Square when you vault the card. This email will include a link that allows the client to delete the payment information you have on file. If the client does this, you will be unable to charge the card later. Stripe also allows you to store card information to charge later, but does not allow clients to delete the card information.

How to Charge a Client when Payment is "Require a valid credit card, but don't charge"

To collect a payment from a client when your payment settings are set to "Require a valid credit card, but don't charge," follow these steps:


  • This will open your client's saved credit card information
  • Choose which card to charge (if there is more than one card saved), and enter in the amount to collect


  • Click Pay 
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