How does a salon use Acuity?

Setting up a salon, spa, hair or eyelash extensions, weaves or any business in the beauty industry can be done here, no problem! You may want to utilize some key features to get to your end goal, depending on how your business operates….


If you have staff members accepting appointments and creating their own available hours they will each need a calendar in Acuity. To get this set up:

  1. As the main admin create a calendar for each of your staff members (no need to create the availability as the staff member themselves can do that)
  2. To give each staff member access to their calendar, set them up as sub-users on the account. More on how those work at Add Additional Users and Staff to Your Acuity Account
  3. Set up the hours on the calendars to reflect when you or your staff wanted to take clients for appointments. And Blocking out time for vacations, of course. 


Create appointment types for each of your services. These will determine how long the appointment is, the price and, if you have multiple salons they can also include the location of the appointment. 

If you have services that can be booked in combo, such as a manicure and pedicure or a cut and color, you’ll want clients to be able to book those in one transaction. The key feature you'll want to utilize here is Add-ons: Adding On Extra Services & Time to Appointments​. 


Getting paid: 

Clients can pay when booking their appointment or after booking from emails making it a breeze to get money in your pocket. Let's get into setting this up. 

Your account can be set up with one payment processor ( Stripe, Paypal, or Square). This is not required to take payment through Acuity, but these are the options if you wanted clients to pay when booking. More on the differences between those at Payment Processors that Integrate with Acuity​.

If you have staff you'll need to divvy out payroll outside of Acuity, but we have some tips on doing that at Reporting for staff payroll

Gift Certificates: 

There are a few options here to lock clients in to purchasing appointments before booking. These can be set up many different ways and include any services you offer. Check them out and see what fits your businesses needs: 

Gift certificates 

Appointment packages

Subscriptions or recurring billing options for appointments


There are many other exciting features in Acuity that might maximize your online scheduling for you and your clients, these are just a few key ones for your industry. Dive into the app, peruse our knowledge base, explore our recorded webinars and ask questions if anything is left unanswered. Welcome to Acuity Scheduling! 

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